Digital Transformation Plan

Let's Build Something Exceptional with Canada Grant Program Strategy

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Digital Transformation Plan

How Can Shalkin Consulting Transform Your Business in Canada?

In a rapidly evolving Canadian business landscape, small businesses across various sectors face unique challenges. 

Shalkin Digital Advisor, in collaboration with the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), brings tailored solutions to address North America market pains and elevate your business. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? 

How We Can Help You
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Propel your business forward with our strategic insights.

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Accelerate your sales with our specialized B2B approah

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Secure funds for streamlined business growth.

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Experience support from our committed team.

Digital Transformation Strategy

How It Works with Shalkin Consulting.

  • Consultation

    Our experts delve into your business needs, challenges, and goals, laying the foundation for a tailored strategy.

  • Strategic Planning

    We crafts strategic plan tailored to your requirements and outline the roadmap to achieve your objectives.

  • Implementation

    With a robust strategy in place, we move to implementation while executing the plan with precision and efficiency.

  • Optimization

    We closely monitor results, gather feedback, and optimize strategies as needed.

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Digital Transformation Services

Diverse Digital Avenues, One Stream: Explore the Diverse World of CDAP

Service Based

Get your personal grant for service-oriented businesses, focusing on showcasing expertise.

Digital Transformation

Check solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of Canada businesses.

Customer Experience

Creating engaging and personalized campaigns to drive interest and conversions.


Attracting potential customers into sales within the e-commerce ecosystem.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eligible costs include fees, commissions, and charges by organizations providing Digital Advisory services listed on the Digital Advisor Marketplace. These costs should be directly associated with retaining a registered digital advisor for the production of a Digital Adoption Plan.
  • Applicable federal and/or provincial sales taxes applied to the fees and commissions charged by digital advisors on the Digital Advisor Marketplace are eligible only for the purpose of producing a Digital Adoption Plan for the applicant.
  • Our solution blends intelligent chatbot technology with tools for live support agents, providing companies with a simple and efficient solution for their sales, marketing, and customer support needs.

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