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HR Services

HR Solutions Redefined: Nurturing Talent, Driving Success.

Elevate your business with our HR services, where talent is nurtured, and success is driven through innovative solutions and strategic workforce management.

What We Provide

Shalkin Consulting
Strategic Workforce Solutions.

01. HR Consulting
and Advisory

Gain from expert HR consulting, navigating complex challenges for compliance and a positive work environment.

02. Strategic
Talent Acquisition

Optimize hiring with our strategic talent acquisition, securing professionals to propel your business.

03. Employee
Development and Training

Invest in team growth with our training programs, cultivating a skilled workforce for present and future challenges.

04. Workforce Planning
and Optimization

Optimize operations with our workforce planning services, aligning your team strategically for sustained success.

How it Works

We’re Passionate About Video Production and It Shows In Our Work

Explore the effectiveness of our HR services, designed to elevate your workforce seamlessly.

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Gain insights into your unique requirements, ensuring our HR services align perfectly with your business objectives.

Strategize and design customized HR solutions crafted to enhance your workforce’s efficiency, satisfaction, and overall performance.

Execute the devised strategies with precision, leveraging our expertise to implement HR solutions effectively and seamlessly.

Ensure ongoing success by continuously optimizing and refining HR processes, adapting to evolving needs and industry trends for sustained improvement.

Enhance your workforce experience through proactive support mechanisms, fostering a positive and collaborative workplace culture. Regularly assess and address employee needs to ensure satisfaction and productivity.

Why Choose Us

Finding the Right Fit, Every Time

Our strategic approach, seasoned expertise, and commitment to your success ensure a transformative partnership. Elevate your workforce and business with us.


Expertise and Experience

Benefit from our seasoned consultants with over 15 years of practical experience in HR, ensuring a wealth of knowledge to address diverse challenges.


Tailored Solutions

Experience tailored HR solutions crafted to align with your unique business needs, fostering efficiency and growth.


Holistic Approach

Integrate HR seamlessly into your business strategy for interconnected success. Our holistic approach ensures alignment with workforce and organizational goals.


In our field

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The Benefits

Benefits of Our HR Services For Your Digital Transformation.

Engaged employees are more likely to go the extra mile, including promoting your brand and products online. 

Attract Young Talents

HR services can help you create a positive work environment that fosters engagement and motivation, leading to better digital marketing results.

Reduce Legal Risks

HR services can help you comply with labor laws and regulations related to online marketing, such as those governing data privacy and advertising practices. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Eligible costs include fees, commissions, and charges by organizations providing Digital Advisory services listed on the Digital Advisor Marketplace. These costs should be directly associated with retaining a registered digital advisor for the production of a Digital Adoption Plan. Applicable federal and/or provincial sales taxes applied to the fees and commissions charged by digital advisors on the Digital Advisor Marketplace are eligible only for the purpose of producing a Digital Adoption Plan for the applicant.
  • Our solution blends intelligent chatbot technology with tools for live support agents, providing companies with a simple and efficient solution for their HR support needs.
    • You can receive up to $7,300 as a wage subsidy to hire a talented youth with the skills your business needs. You can apply for more than one wage subsidy to hire multiple youth. 

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