Social Media Management

Empowering Your Business with Canada Grants.

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Social Media Management

Unlock $2,400 To Elevate Your Online Presence.

Is your business in Tourism and Hospitality, Food and Beverage, or Professional Services in Canada? Ready to propel your business forward with a diverse digital strategy?

Discover how the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) can revolutionize your online strategy.

Benefits of Shalkin Advisory Program.

Do you know that your business can benefit from Canada Grand Adop Stream 1, unlocking a $2,400 micro-grant for strategic digital marketing initiatives.

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Social Media Platforms

Leverage the power of Canada’s leading social media platforms for unmatched audience connection. Statistics underscore their digital dominance, providing unparalleled opportunities for engagement.


For small professional
service businesses, utilize
Facebook to build trust and credibility.


Utilize Twitter for professional thought leadership, sharing insights and staying connected through lists.


Create a Canada-inspired Instagram look. Use Stories and Reels for virtual tours to attract potential visitors.


Showcase local cuisine on TikTok with appealing recipes, collaborating with chefs for a fun touch.


Network on LinkedIn, sharing case studies, updates, and hosting webinars through LinkedIn Events.


Utilize Pinterest as an arts and crafts catalog. Create boards for different art categories and DIY projects.

Industry Challenges.

In the dynamic landscape of various industries, our tailored solutions empower businesses to overcome challenges and thrive.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Develop an online presence and e-commerce capabilities for hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and gift shops.

Food and Beverage

Leverage the island's strong agricultural sector by selling products directly to consumers online.

Professional Services

Enhance digital marketing and online booking for lawyers, accountants, and consultants in professional services.

Why Choose Shalkin's Digital Advisor?

We can create a tailored plan that maximizes your online presence, attracts new clients, and ensures sustained growth. Also Shalkin advisors can implement the Canada grant program to navigate the digital landscape effectively. Let’s unlock your business potential with:

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Tailored analytics solutions providing
actionable insights.

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Access Aktok Tools for free, understanding
and engaging your audience effectively.

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Committed to reliable and transparent
digital transformation in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Develop a robust online presence and e-commerce capabilities tailored for businesses like hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and gift shops. However it’s essential to note that the grant cannot be solely used for digital marketing or social media advertising. Instead, it must be tied to an overall e-commerce implementation plan as part of the digital transformation plan.

  • CDAP Stream 1 is designed to help Arts and Crafts businesses expand their audience and enhance the e-commerce experience. For artisans and studios selling products online, the grant supports initiatives that go beyond digital marketing, ensuring a holistic approach to improving online sales and engagement.

  • CDAP Stream 1 unlocks opportunities for Food and Beverage businesses, especially those benefiting from the island’s strong agricultural sector. The grant facilitates selling products directly to consumers online, emphasizing the importance of an integrated digital transformation plan alongside social media advertising efforts.

  • For small professional service businesses, CDAP Stream 1 focuses on enhancing digital marketing strategies and online booking systems. The grant supports a comprehensive approach to digital transformation, ensuring that social media advertising is integrated into a broader digital plan.

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