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Iphone showcasing Montresa Smartwatch App


Cogniteq was approached by Montresa about developing an iOS app for Emergency Watch, a high-tech wristwatch that provides the user with the possibility to trigger an alarm in case of an emergency.

Montresa already has a similar app for Android. Getting the app source code as well as the necessary documentation, was a good starting point for our collaboration.Our task was to create the required functionality on iOS and great UX design to meet consumer preferences for efficiency, convenience, and ease of use.

About the product

Montresa has developed the Emergency Watch for elderly users and those who want to feel safe anytime and anywhere. Their idea was to replace fusty emergency call devices with a stylish timepiece.

Emergency Watch has only one button. The following actions are set for a single-tap, double-tap, or long-press of the button:


The Cogniteq team successfully developed the Emergency Watch app for iOS, focusing on usability and ease of use. The app logic involves sending BLE messages upon button presses, categorized as single-click, double-click, or long hold.

Key Features:


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